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student success center

the student success center is focused on the academic success of all students, and has the resources to help students achieve their goals. all of the resources provided by the center are free. the center provides a small computer lab, a printer, private testing rooms, and quiet study areas. the best part of the center is the staff who are available to help students in a variety of ways.

  • peer tutoring (writing, math, sciences, economics, etc.) – friendly upper-level students provide support with homework.
  • mentor collective –  students can join oc’s mentor collective to be paired with a successful student or alumni with similar interests and goals. these mentors can help students navigate their transition to college and beyond.
  • academic mentoring – open to anyone, students can meet with staff mentors in addition to the mentor collective. these mentors can be especially helpful to athletes trying to navigate schedules and time management.
  • academic accommodations – students with documented learning or physical disabilities/impairments are supported by an accommodations coordinator. the coordinator works with each student to provide appropriate accommodations and encourage academic success.
  • freshman success – because academic success often depends on what else is happening in life, the center has a dedicated coordinator of student success to help students be successful at olivet college. the coordinator also serves as another support for students along their educational journey.

academic accommodations and support services

joey shepherd
coordinator of student success, o2 summer program director

joshua gillespie
coordinator of student success initiatives
olivet opportunitey (o2) coordinator