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virtual new student orientation

new student orientation is the first step to officially becoming an olivet college comet. relationship building is vital to student success here at olivet college. due to circumstances concerning the covid-19 pandemic, the new student orientation program has been adjusted to ensure that future comets and their families remain healthy and safe as they transition into the olivet community.

new student orientation will now be offered as a hybrid of virtual content delivered throughout june, july and august with an experience taking place on campus prior to the start of classes. this dual approach will provide students with multiple opportunities to connect with fellow members of the class of 2024, faculty mentors, academic advisers, coaches, talent directors and other staff members across campus. our goal is that the transition to college life is informative, engaging and fun!

orientation will take place in three phases as outlined below. before beginning phase 1, students are invited to complete a survey to learn more about their interests and preferences. students can visit their application status page to get started.

phase 1

phase 1 of new student orientation consists of two checklist items that students will complete in june and july. students will be connecting with various departments around campus virtually through zoom meetings. more information has been emailed to students and can be found on their application status page.

  • connecting with financial aid – a zoom session will connect students and families with a financial aid representative to gain a full understanding of the award letter and payment plan/payment due dates.
  • connecting with faculty – departments will host multiple zoom sessions to help students engage with faculty and explore majors/minors, career and internship opportunities, meet other students in the department and more. students will receive their official class schedule during this session.
phase 2

what can i expect in phase 2 of my new student orientation?

phase 2 is a virtual experience geared toward connecting you with other incoming students as well as with the student engagement team and other leaders across campus.

relationship building continues to be an important part of your orientation experience; therefore, you will be attending phase 2 with a preassigned orientation group, which will consist of an orientation leader and a small group of other class of 2024 students. 

each session date (july 16, 22, 31) will consist of two components — a required 30-minute gathering with your orientation group (your “cohort connection”) and optional breakout sessions hosted by the student engagement team (see schedule of sessions below).

both components are beneficial in connecting you with other students and with resources that will be available to you this upcoming semester. you won’t want to miss out on these great opportunities that are designed with you in mind!

how do i know what orientation group — ‘cohort connection’— i am in?

you have been automatically assigned an orientation group based on your ‘self and community’ class section. this is listed on your class schedule, which you received during phase 1 of new student orientation. please check your class schedule to find your “self and community” section by logging into my.olivetcollege.edu and following the directions below:

  • log on to the my.olivetcollege.edu portal with your oc username and password, which you should have changed via your application status page already. 
  • click on “student information” on the left menu and then click on “my schedule.” you will be able to see your schedule at this point.
  • if you want to be able to print a copy or save it as a pdf, scroll to the bottom and click on the “my schedule pdf” link. a new tab will open with the schedule and you will be able to save or print your schedule.

you will be connecting with the same orientation group during each of the three sessions. two days prior to each session date, you will receive an email with the zoom link to tune in and connect with your orientation group.

what’s my next step?

  • attend your required 30 minute virtual orientation group – cohort connection zoom meeting from 10:00-10:30 a.m. on july 16, 22, and 31.
  • you will receive an email two days before each session date with the zoom link to join your orientation group — cohort connection. no sign up is required as your orientation leader will be taking attendance during each session.
  • choose any optional afternoon sessions to tune into after your 30 minute orientation group cohort connection to learn more about opportunities across campus. zoom links to these sessions will also be listed in the email you receive two days prior to the session

watch for an upcoming email with details on how to join the zoom sessions. in the meantime, check your class schedule to find out which cohort you’ll be a part of during phase 2.

self and community – cohort connection – july 16, 22 and 31 – required attendance

10-10:30 a.m.
you will be expected to attend each of these three 30 minutes sessions. these sessions will be led by member of the student engagement team and peer leaders.

july 16: welcome and introductions
we’ll kickoff self and community – cohort connection by getting to know each other, with introductions all around and a fun ice breaker and team building activity.

july 22: preparing for oc
at the end of this fun session, all of your questions and concerns will be addressed. you’ll also continue to get to know the the student engagement team, peer leaders and other members of the class of 2024.

july 31: building an inclusive classroom environment
this session will focus a team building activity about developing an inclusive, engaging classroom environment. it’s also an opportunity to have any last minute questions answered before move-in.

additional sessions designed to get you oc ready

in addition to attending the three mandatory self and community sessions, you’ll want to make time to attend the following on the day of your choice. 

each of these sessions will run july 16, 22 and 31 at the time listed below — making it easy for you pick the best day or days that work for you and your family.

meet the student engagement team
10:30-11:30 a.m.
the office of student engagement strives to help students navigate their path to becoming competent, socially just leaders who positively contribute to campus and the world. we are committed to creating a culture of care for all students and members who engage in the olivet college community.

the student engagement team will answer all your questions. topics include the following, plus anything else you’d like to talk about.

  • housing, roommates and the residential living experience.
  • counseling, health, wellness and campus safety.
  • multicultural programs, mentoring and career success.
  • student success center: tutoring, academic support and accommodations.                                           

oc student leaders success tips panel
11:30 a.m.-12 p.m.
​​​​​​​the student government association will moderate a student leader panel. hear from students themselves about life at olivet college.

family/parent session
1-2 p.m.
the student engagement team will be available to answer any follow-up questions you may have about anything.

academic support and accommodations
2-2:30 p.m.
the student resource center works with students to create and develop a plan that will help overcome common problems associated with learning disabilities. voice recorders to aid note taking, alternate testing sites and procedures, including readers and scribes, private testing rooms and print enhancement software are just a few of the services available at olivet college. join joey shepherd, coordinator of student success, to learn about academic support and accommodations available.

phase 3

phase 3 of orientation will connect students with their orientation group to begin teambuilding and much more. information regarding phase 3 will be available in late summer.

students can view their orientation progress and sign up for sessions on their application status page. for more information on any part of orientation, please contact the office of admissions at 800-456-7189. as new details are finalized, updates will be shared with students and parents via email.

resources and links

our team has developed olivet college 101, a great resource covering many of the common questions regarding transitioning to college and living and learning on campus.
view and print the resource here.

dig deeper into life at oc

as you navigate your transition to an official olivet college student, we hope you stay connected to the oc family.
check out a playlist on our youtube channel specially curated for new students!