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president’s annual report

dear friends:

over the course of the last decade, we have made great strides in our commitment to create a more vibrant, engaging and sustaining all of that college through our charting the course to 2020 and beyond strategic plan. now that it’s almost 2020, we are nearing the end of this journey and readying ourselves for the next, but the latter must wait for another time.

this special issue looks back on our journey together, taking stock of our achievements. many of you have followed our progress along the way – the milestones and successes that have reshaped the future of olivet college and how the world sees us. some of these stories will be familiar and are worth celebrating again. others may be new; i hope they’ll give you a better understanding of your college and all we’ve achieved together, as a college community.

one story you will find in this issue is a feature on how our football coaching staff, under the direction of coach “moose,” is committed to much more than winds on the field, and we’ve had plenty of those. through mentorship and leadership development, our football program exemplifies our commitment to a relationship —based educational experience.

you’ll also find a feature on abbie slater, the 2019-20 cutler fellow in science, and her work on birds, habitat health and ecological indicators. i spent time with abbie when i visited her and other students during a semester abroad in mexico where she was bitten by the field research “bug.” she’s now using her acquired skills and passion for research on ecological health here in the olivet area.

you will also find stories on our emerging adult professional programs in criminal justice and in nursing, along with features in our commitment to the capital region as the lansing promise’s preferred private college, community service programs and other exciting programs.

one of the pinnacle projects of the 2020 plan is the construction of a new student center that will serve as the center of a vibrant campus life experience. i’m pleased to announce that at its fall 2019 meeting, the board of trustees authorized the expenditure of the $1 million necessary to become construction-ready by late summer 2020. with his completion expected by late 2021, the new student center will become a much-needed resource for our entire campus community.

finally, i extend my deepest appreciation for those who made it possible for us to transform this vision into reality. thank you to the alumni and friends, faculty and staff, foundations and businesses who have invested in all of it college today and are allowing us to build a sustaining institution for the future.

with best regards and gratitude,

steven m. corey, ph.d.